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If you are a small business and have wondered about a website but never ventured into this because you believed it would be too costly knowing that some companies charge hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds, then Biz and Bytes will be able to help you and offer their low cost website creation service.

Biz and Bytes can provide you with a choice of anything from one or more pages for your website, with a one page website created from just £180.00. Your website can contain not only important facts and information about your business but a guestbook where visitors can make comments, forms which can be completed and emailed to you, basic or fancy looking menus, slideshows, galleries, paypal payments, special effects on text or images etc. As you may already know, websites can be viewed all over the world and updated within minutes, once you have your website created it can easily be changed and there are no expensive long term costs, there are just a few things to bear in mind which are explained below.


Domain name

Things that you need to consider are:- Name (known as Domain) – this will be your website address, for example BBC Television use their name of bbc within their website address which is – We can help to advise you on a suitable name appropriate to your business after running a simple check to ensure that the “name” is not already in use. For example, you would not be able to use as it is already owned by the BBC Television Company. The cost of your domain name and registration can be as little as just over £10.00 per year. We would recommend using who provide low cost domain names.


This is your website’s home, where it is stored and saved. It is advisable to use a reliable host provider whose computers do not break down and who regularly back up their files. Biz and Bytes are always reviewing hosting companies and will get you the best, most reasonable and reliable offers available at the time. We will help you through the process of setting up the hosting with the domain name. We can also assist with helping with the transfer of web hosting and domain names. Again we would recommend


We would recommend that the website is updated, new information added and new photographs. It is important for your website to remain fresh on the Internet. Biz and Bytes can continue to service your website for you at their low rate charges when this is required. Updates can be made immediately to websites so that your details are never out of date for too long. We don’t insist you take up monthly maintenance contracts like most Companies. You can also have your own login to be able to carry out basic changes yourself and we can help guide you on how to do this.


It is always nice to know how many people are actually visiting your website and it is useful to receive feedback from visitors. Biz and Bytes will install a hit counter on your website so that you are able to see how many people have actually viewed your website. We can also, if you wish, install a guest book so that visitors are able to enter comments which you are able to review.


Although you may already have an email address, this may be your personal address that is used by friends and family. Biz and Bytes would recommend that a separate email address is created that reflects your business’ name and used solely for your business requirements. This can be arranged for you at no additional cost and dependent on the host provider that looks after your website, you will probably be able to have an email address such as making your website and business look truly professional.

Bed and Breakfast standard packages – we still would like to offer our service to help promote bed and breakfast businesses in Cornwall so that they are able to open out their business market at a very special offer with prices just starting from £140.00. With Cornwall’s airport link, more and more visitors are being attracted to visit the South West from overseas as well as from the rest of England, Scotland and Wales. It is a great time to start getting your business online as so many people of all generations now use the Internet to locate accommodation, things to do, places to go etc. Having your own website not only promotes your business but attracts people from all over the world to visit Cornwall. Email us for a copy of our bed and breakfast website creation service package.

Existing Website in need of maintenance or tlc?

We are happy to take a look at any websites and advise on their content and improvements. Work carried out on any changes are charged at an hourly rate and we can provide you with a quote.


Check out special available offers from who sometimes offer free one year hosting or a reduced monthly rate. Click through on the link, at the time of updating this page (January 2022) they were offering free domain name for the first year, monthly subscription of £0.99 for web hosting and no set up fee. (e&oe)


Get yourself a website for 2022, link it to your social media, build your business