Gaming PCs

Computers require high performance for gaming so you need to ensure that it has a powerful processor, a lot of memory (RAM) and a good graphics card. I would recommend not to go less than 16MB for memory and ensure there is integration of an advanced cooling system to that the computer maintains an optimal temperature management during your intense gaming sessions.

Check here for the game requirements to see what the minimum specifications are. For example if you wanted to check the requirements to run Roblox, type Roblox in their search box and it will provide information on that game including the minimum version of the operating system.

Regular promotions are available from a supplier so please email with any enquiries and I’ll check on prices. See some example items and prices below. Stock and prices change regularly.

HP Renew (639T6EA) Victus 15L Gaming TG02-0117nf with core i7-12700, 16GB Ram (memory) 1TB SSD (hard drive) 12GB RTX3060 WiFi running on Windows 11

HP Spec information can be read here


HP Renew (6K9Q4EA) Victus 15L Gaming TG02-0247nf AMD R5-5600G 16GB Ram 512GB SSD 4GB RX 6400 WiFi running on Windows 11


HP Renew (75U85EA) Victus 15L Gaming TG02-0318nf with a Core i5-12400F and 16GB memory, this PC has a 1TB SSD hard drive 8GB RTX3050 WiFi  running on Windows 11


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