Product Reviews

Bluetooth keyboard – Ipad mini

A recent purchase, a Bluetooth keyboard for an Ipad mini. The Ipad can be seated in a groove stand either landscape or portrait and keeps it securely upright. It was easy to connect the Bluetooth setup and once established connects each time. The keyboard has a rechargeable battery and it can be clipped together with the ipad for storage acting as a case for the front.


Victure Sports Action Camera – underwater – with wifi connection

This has been great, no where near the price of a Go Pro but does just the same thing. We used it underwater, on the sailing boat, it’s waterproof and has a little case, very easy to operate within the case. The picture quality is very good and the video imaging clear. You can download an App to watch live footage as the Camera can connect to wifi. There are two rechargeable batteries and a load of fixtures to enable you to use it for everything possible. I highly recommend it at this price.

Victure sports camera