Computer Support


Computers help us to complete tasks quickly and efficiently so that more time can be concentrated on your business or personal time, however when the system fails, it can have costly effects and be frustrating whilst it cannot be used. We understand the importance of keeping your computer in a good working order and will strive to fix any problems in the minimum amount of time possible at our earliest convenience, so that your system downtime is minimal. We charge at an hourly rate, and subsequent 20 minutes thereof per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour. Our rates are very reasonable making our PC Support service affordable for you. Our services provide PC hardware and software support, keeping your system updated, virus checking, general housekeeping, advice and purchase of a new PC, upgrade your existing PC, installations of software and hardware; share your printer, scanner and internet access with other computer by networking either via peer to peer or wireless.

If you are looking for a new PC, ask our advice on purchasing, we can transfer any documents and photos for you on to your new computer.

Keeping your computer system updated

Check for updates of your Windows files by clicking on the Start Button and entering Windows Updates in the Search field, select Check Windows Updates. Your computer may already have automatic updates switched on your computer however these will only be the high priority updates which would include critical updates, security updates, service packs which should be installed as soon as they are available. Microsoft will also release other types of updates such as software and hardware fixes for drivers. It is very important that you keep your computer system up to date with these security updates.

Looking for a new PC?

We can advise you on purchasing a computer that is suitable for your requirements. Many Stores may encourage you to purchase a computer which come complete with a bundle of “free” software. Most of this software is quite often made up with applications that you will never use. We will ensure that you have a computer system with all of the software that you require for your needs. Don’t forget to ask us about the free software applications that are now available for wordprocessing and spreadsheets. Take a look at our shopping page for some recommendations.


We can offer advice on the cost of upgrading your present computer system. If you are finding that your computer is running slow, that applications are taking ages to load, then it may be time for a memory upgrade. This will provide you with a far more efficient and faster system.

Take a look at the Crucial website and run their memory checker which will correctly identify the memory presently installed on your computer and recommend upgrades. They offer competitive prices and delivery is free. Their online memory checker will scan your computer and advise.


Thinking of purchasing a digital camera, a different printer or a scanner but not sure how to connect it to your computer? If you have a computer at home and would like this set up so that you can have Internet access we can check your computer and advise on the necessary equipment required, set you up on the Internet and help you to retrieve your email at home. We can offer installation and training for you on a variety of devices and software applications.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is becoming more popular everyday with Businesses as it adds a greater flexibility to their computer setup, whether it’s a couple of PC’s or a network. It is a very affordable system that offers a lot of advantages. Contact us for our special offers on wireless network setups!

One of the main advantages of a wireless network is the freedom to move around your work space and not having to worry about losing your network or Internet connection. There are no unsightly cables trailing around the building which also reduces Health and Safety risks.

It makes adding a PC to your current setup a lot simpler as all you have to do is install a WiFi card in the PC and it’s ready to go. You don’t have to get specialist cabling companies to install costly network points in fixed locations. Also it is very easily moved from one building to another so if you are planning a move you can take your network with you.

We are able to help you in the planning and installation of a WiFi network. We will provide you with details of the best options available which suit your needs and are within your budget.

We can also advise on equipment that will help you improve the signal strength in any room of your property so that you can use the Internet without a drop in speed.
Virus Protection and spyware

It is very important that your computer has suitable virus protection software installed and that the files the software relies on are up to date as new viruses are released every day! If you believe that your computer may contain a virus then get in contact with us so that we can hopefully eradicate the problem for you.

There are various “tools” available on the Internet that can be downloaded on to your computer and set up so that unwanted spyware can be removed. Contact us for advice if you believe that your computer is suffering from problems which could be the cause of spyware especially if it has recently started to run very slow. You can download Malwarebytes Antispyware a free spyware eradication program from:– Its a simple but effective program to use. For help on how to use the program once you have installed it please check out my Youtube video.

For the home user there are free antivirus software applications that can be downloaded and installed on your computer, such as avast from avg from – follow the links for Free Download. For better protection we would recommend full Internet Security, and Biz and Bytes is a reseller of AVG and can offer the full Internet Security product at a very special rate for all of it’s customers.

Please contact us should you require any assistance or have any questions,

PC Networking

Why not contact us to see how we can assist you with networking your computers whether at home or in the office. Save money on purchasing additional printers and scanners by getting these set up to share over the network and use from more than one computer. If you have broadband, did you realise that by adding some additional technology to your existing computer that has the broadband access that you can share the internet access from other computers within your home and office. These other computers don’t even have to be within the same room.